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Tokyo National Museum Releases “Tohaku Navi”
– A State of the Art Guide Application for iOS that Leverages Location Information and IT

– Supported By Leading IT Companies, ISID and Koozyt –

Tokyo, JPN – September 26, 2013 – Tokyo National Museum. announced the release of its museum guide application “Tohaku Navi (iOS Lite Version).” It is available for free download from the App Store starting today. “Tohaku Navi (iOS Lite Version)” supports both English and Japanese. “Tohaku Navi” has been previously available for Android.

“Tohaku Navi” was developed with the aim to provide a rich museum experience for the Tokyo National Museum as part of the “Tohaku Navi Joint Research Project*.” With the support of Information Services International-Dentsu, Ltd. (ISID), and Koozyt, Inc., it leverages cutting edge technology, and can now be enjoyed by iPhone/iPad users and visitors from overseas as well.

The main features of “Tohaku Navi (iOS Lite Version)” are as follows:

(1) Includes 2 course guides for the Regular Exhibition at the Tokyo National Museum. Visitors can choose between the “Highlights of Japanese Art Course on the Honkan Second Floor” and “Museum Architecture Course” depending on their interests. The app also includes a Stamp Rally feature.

(2) “Highlights of Japanese Art Course on the Honkan Second Floor” includes 3 interactive contents such as the introduction to the Maki-e production process and interactive viewer for the Wind God and Thunder God folding screen painting.

(3) The app includes a stamp rally feature where users can automatically collect digital stamps according to their location. Digital stamps can be collected at 3 locations in the museum in front of the following buildings: Honkan, Toyokan, and Gallery of Horyuji Treasures. Users who collect all 3 stamps can receive a “Tohaku Navi” original souvenir button badge depicting the Wind God and Thunder God folding screen painting in the museum’s collection.

(4) The app supports both English and Japanese and is automatically configured according to your device’s Language Settings.

By providing new interactive contents that use location information and AR technology, the 3 parties will continue to design a rich museum experience for visitors by considering the most comfortable and enjoyable ways to present information or spend time at the museum. We will also strive to reach out to a wider user base, so as to increase and diversify the visiting audience to the museum.

■Development Credits:

Supervised by: Tokyo National Museum
Planned and Produced by: Information Services International-Dentsu, Ltd., Koozyt, Inc.
Supported by: Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc.

■Comments from the Tokyo National Museum, ISID, and Koozyt:
From Shinji Ito, Director, Education Programming Section, Education Division, Tokyo National Museum:
“’Tohaku Navi’ was initially conceived and developed as an exhibit viewing support tool for museum beginners. The Android version has been available since April 2012, so to reach out to a wider audience we have prepared the iOS version. The new ‘iOS Lite Version’ supports English, so that users from overseas can enjoy the app as well. We hope the app will lead users to the real exhibits at the Tokyo National Museum so that a wider audience can experience the appeal of the Tokyo National Museum.”

From Nobuhiko Watanabe, Executive Officer, Open Innovation Laboratory (Inolab) Director, ISID:
“ISID Inolab has provided the social city platform that connects cities to people called ‘+fooop!’ to the large scale urban complex ‘Grand Front Osaka’ that opened in April 2013, and continues experimenting in real-world environments to envision the future of urban development. Knowledge gained at Osaka has been incorporated into the Tohaku Navi Joint Research Project. With this release, we have supported guide features targeted at overseas tourists and iOS which have been highly anticipated so that more international and domestic users can readily experience the rich cultural heritage held at the Tokyo National Museum. At Inolab, we will continue to enrich the museum experience by incorporating new technology into ‘Tohaku Navi’. Please enjoy‘Tohaku Navi (iOS Lite Version)’.”

From Takahiko Sueyoshi, President and CEO, Koozyt, Inc.
“From the ‘Tohaku Navi’ rental service, and Android version release on Google Play, support for iOS and overseas users has been highly anticipated. ‘Tohaku Navi (iOS Lite Version)’ was planned to increase our user base by reaching out to iOS users so they could use and experience our app as soon as possible. By newly designing the app and overhauling its usability, we believe the app has evolved to be a more user-friendly guide application. We hope you enjoy ‘Tohaku Navi (iOS Lite Version)’.”
We look forward to seeing you at the Tokyo National Museum.

* The Tohaku Navi Joint Research Project was started by the Tokyo National Museum, ISID, and Koozyt, Inc. in April of 2012 and aims to provide a rich viewing experience for the Regular Exhibition on display at the Tokyo National Museum by leveraging location information and IT.
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【Contact Information】
Tokyo National Museum, Public Relations TEL:+81-3-3822-1302  E-mail:
Information Services International-Dentsu, Ltd. (ISID)  Public Relations, Corporate Planning Office TEL:+81-3-6713-6100 E-mail:
Koozyt, Inc., Public Relations E-mail:

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【”Tohaku Navi” Application Overview】

“Tohaku Navi” is based on the location based museum guide “Tohaku Navi” (received the Good Design Award for 2011) that was available via rental at the Tokyo National Museum from January to April of 2011. It was released for Android on Google Play in April 2012. Each course is designed so that it can be played back along with the exhibits within the museum, however the application can be enjoyed anywhere at your leisure.

【“Tohaku Navi (iOS Lite Version)” Application Overview】

■Release Date: App available from September 26, 2013 (THU)
■Price: Free
* However, museum admission fee is required when using the app at the museum. Admission fees for the Tokyo National Museum (Regular Exhibition): Adults: 600yen, University Students: 400yen, High/Junior High/Elementary School Students and persons under 18 and over 70: Free
■Compatible with: iPhone 4/iPhone 4S/iPod touch/iPad (iOS 5.0 or higher required)
* Some features may be limited on your device. The Stamp Rally feature requires GPS support
Available to: General Public
* Contents designed to be viewed at the Tokyo National Museum.
■Available at: App Store. Please search for “Tohaku Navi”.

■ “Tohaku Navi” Screen Images

Start Up Screen
Course Menu (In English)
Folding Screen Interactive Contents Screen
Stamp Rally Screen

“Tohaku Navi” Demo Video

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