At Koozyt we strive to bridge the gap between the “real” and “virtual” worlds.

Technology x Curiosity

The unpredictable constantly changing future that we cannot yet see is 空 (virtual), and the tangible world full of what we can see is 実 (real). Unfortunately, there is a big gap between the future sustainable lifestyle that is full of excitement and the current world we live in which is full of problems. At Koozyt, we strive to fill this gap by coming up with solutions based on technology. Our team, bursting with curiosity, is always motivated to come up with unique ideas that can provide value for future generations.

Koozyt in comprised of unique individuals who are driven by what we call in Japanese, the 妄想エンジン (Imagination Engine). In order to bridge the gap between the real and virtual, our team, filled with curiosity and imagination and the ability to exploit technology, strives to come up with unique, exciting ideas and values for the future.

We are engineers that don't flock or flatter
We are engineers with unique talent and a variety of skills, from geospatial positioning systems, intelligence processing, AI, data science, user interface, application development.

We aim to think and grow together
We will help you in the pursuit of your dream, to make it come to a reality.

We can use technology to create an experience of value
We have expertise in sensors and hardware devices, AI, data analysis techniques, and developing application services. We can connect them all together into something that will be valued in real life.

We aim to create new values that are exciting
We never forget the power in a smile, the importance of having fun, and doing something for the well-being of others.

Corporate Goals

Our goal is to become a technology company based on co-creation to create new lifestyles for the future

At Koozyt, we strive to develop technology for the lifestyle of the future (autonomous and decentralized society, circular economy, well-being society). We are shifting our work style to create a new “synergetic market” where we can co-create business domains with others. We are actively collaborating in projects that deal with regional business models and are comprised of industry-academia-government partners.

Corporate Agenda

Live in happiness with motivated reason for life (ikigai 生きがい) and job satisfaction (hatarakigai 働きがい)
Technology should be used to augment human abilities

_Be thankful
_Respect one another
_Enjoy growing old
_Be autonomous and decentralized
_Be a professional

Employee lifestyle and workstyle

Individuals have the freedom to work and live in their own way
We encourage a life where everyone can enjoy their work and stay active for as long as they desire

Koozyt, Inc. was established on July 3, 2007 in Tokyo.

Our current address
Koozyt, Inc.
Shiba Kotobuki Building 601
2-30-11 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo
105-0014 Japan

Board of Directors:
Takahiko Sueyoshi, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Co-Founder
Atsushi Shionozaki, Chief Operations Officer (COO)/Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Co-Founder
Jun Rekimoto, Technical Advisor and Co-Founder
Yasushi Miyajima, Chief AI Officer (CAIO)
Hiromi Namiki, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
Kengo Nagahashi, Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Kuniharu Sakai, External Director (DENTSU SOKEN INC.)
Tetsu Natsume External Director (Sony CSL)
Nobuyoshi Ono, Auditor
Takuma Miyazaki, Advisor
Jun Murai, Fellow
Hiroaki Kitano, Fellow

Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc. (Sony CSL)
Archetype Group Inc.
Bplats, Inc.
Founding Members
Board Members


We take full advantage of everything from our unique sensor technology to AI data analysis technology to accompany and assist in the planning, development, and operational phases of new businesses and R&D support.

Find causal relations in big data with CALC: A Causal Analysis Suite.

CALC determines and visualizes direct correlations in complex data. It visualizes the relationship between directly correlated variables using an algorithm that determines not only correlation but also the presence or absence of causation. This allows you to understand what variables influence other variables.

Full stack AI development: from AI models to apps

We provide consultation from planning to development stages for your AI driven needs. We have experience in developing domain specific AI models and incorporating them into web and smartphone based apps. Some domains we have developed in the past for our customers include: image processing, object recognition and tracking, audio and music analysis, time-series prediction, and anomaly detection.

Gathering human thoughts and intentions from language and textual context.

We specialize in natural language processing that does more than just count words and provide visual results, but looks deeper into the actual intent of the writer. We are developing basic modules that can extract textual structure, dependency relationships between phrases, and semantic role of text. We have experience in effectively extracting a knowledge-base from technical corporate documents, analyzing sales reports to develop personal training and management support tools. Also, we have extracted user views and opinions from SNS and EC sites for product review and user satisfaction analysis.

We can support your R&D needs from the initial planning phase to actual product development.

We have experience in developing proof of concept software for demos and field testing, even before initial product development stages. We have also in the past developed applications on a variety of platforms, smartphone-based, browser-based, native Windows, etc.

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