AI Ethics Guidelines

Our Initiatives in AI

At Koozyt, we strive to unravel the world through AI data analysis and to contribute to resolving issues faced by individuals, businesses, and society through approaches such as causal analysis and future prediction. In order to pursue these endeavors, we have established the following AI Ethics Guidelines. We will promote the use of and research and development in AI according to these guidelines.

Our Ethics Guidelines for AI


We refer to "AI" as the technology that uses machine learning, causal analysis, etc., to contribute to solving various business management and social issues by predicting future demand, improving customer satisfaction, etc.

1. Contributing to the Well-Being of Society
We aim to contribute to the well-being of society by continuing research and deveploment in AI.

2. Communication with Stakeholders
When using AI to resolve challenges, we will be considerate of customers and stakeholders and will actively engage in dialogue with related companies and organizations.

3. Providing Safe Products and Services
We aim to ensure the safety of products and services that utilize AI, and continuously support security risks such as unauthorized access. In addition, we strive to provide products and services that can be used safely by maintaining a strong foundation and understanding of statistical and probabilistic methods used in AI development when designing the overall architecture.

4. Privacy Protection
We comply with laws, regulations, and applicable corporate rules regarding products and services that utilize AI. We will protect and handle personal information in accordance with the will of our customers and conform to our privacy policy.

5. Respect for Fairness and Diversity
We strive to protect the human rights and respect the diversity of our customers and stakeholders in order to avoid unfair discrimination when using AI.

6. Maintaining Transparency
In order to provide reasoning and information that are easy for customers to understand, we are pursuing the possibility of introducing a mechanism that can explain the reasons for decisions made by AI in products and services from the planning and design stages.

7. Further Development of AI and Nurturing New Talent
We understand the impact products and services that utilize AI have on society, so through the use of AI and our efforts in research and development we strive to nurture individuals who will contribute to the well-being of society.

Created: Sep. 17, 2019

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