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At Koozyt, we offer AI, data analysis solutions, as well as software development services.
We understand that the protection of personal information is an important matter in conducting our business. Therefore, in order to appropriately handle all personal information, we have established this privacy policy as a standard of conduct that all of our employees must comply with. We will also strive to ensure that it is complied with accordingly.

1. We comply with laws, national guidelines, and other standards regarding the handling of personal information.To do so, we have established a personal information protection management system that complies with Japanese Industrial Standards: “JIS Q 15001: 2017 (Personal Information Protection Management System – Requirements)', and will conform to it appropriately.

2. We will acquire, use, and provide personal information appropriately, taking into account the content and scale of our business. This includes not handling personal information beyond the scope necessary to achieve the specified purpose of use, and taking necessary measures to enforce this policy.

3. When outsourcing all or part of the handling of personal information, we will provide necessary and appropriate supervision to the outsourced party to ensure the safe management of the entrusted personal information.

4. We will not provide personal information to third parties unless we have the consent of the person concerned or as required by law.

5. We will take preventive and corrective measures to address leakage, loss, or damage of personal information.

6. We will strive to respond appropriately and promptly to complaints and inquiries regarding the handling of personal information.We also accept requests for disclosure (such as notification of purpose of use, disclosure, correction/addition or deletion, suspension of use or provision) of personal data held by us.For inquiries and requests for disclosure please contact 'Personal Information Complaints and Inquiries' shown below.

7. We will continuously take steps to improve our personal information protection management system.

Personal Information Complaints and Inquiries Contact Info:

Initial Version: July 23, 2008
Revised: Aug. 1, 2023

Koozyt, Inc.
President and CEO
Takahiko Sueyoshi

Handling of Personal Information

The items listed below are based on personal information publicly listed in the Personal Information Protection Act and JIS and information that is to be made easily accessible.

1. Purpose of Use of Personal Information (Includes information acquired indirectly or by means other than in writing)

(1) Personal information handled in situations commissioned by our client business partners
To protect personal information commissioned to us by our clients and to appropriately carry out commissioned duties in accordance with the terms of our client's contract.

(2) Images and photos taken at seminars and events
To keep operational records of seminar and event operations
(This information may be used for promotional purposes, but for such cases, data will be anonymized so that individuals cannot be identified.)

(3) Personal information of phone inquries
To appropriately support and manage phone inquiries

(4) Personal information of job applicants received via employment agencies, job listing sites, etc.
For applicant screening and communication necessary in the recruitment process.

* In situations where the purpose of use is specified or notified separately, that purpose of use shall override and be valid.
Please contact 'Personal Information Complaints and Inquiries' shown below for matters related to disclosing retained personal data, such as the purpose of use of all retained personal data and procedures for requesting disclosure, etc.
We will respond without delay.

2. Handling of Information on this Website

We may use cookies and other identification technology in order to continue to provide more user-friendly and useful information services to our customers.

You may choose to change your browser settings to not accept cookies or any similar functions to disable being tracked when browsing anonymously such as through the use of cookies.
However, in this case, we may not be able to deliver certain services to you.

Personal information obtained through the use of such technology will not be associated with other personal information, and will only be used to analyze usage trends for the purpose of providing better services, and will not be disclosed to third parties.

We incorporate Google's web analytics service 'Google Analytics'. Google Analytics uses cookies to collect data.
This data is collected anonymously and cannot be used to identify any individual.
By disabling cookies in your browser settings you can choose to dislable this collection of data.
For more information regarding these terms, please refer to the Google Analytics Terms of Service page and the Google Privacy and Terms page.

* Cookies are used to identify your computer. Unless you enter personal information, we will not be able to identify you.

Personal Information Complaints and Inquiries Contact Info:
Koozyt, Inc.
Shiba Kotobuki Building 601, 2-30-11, Shiba, Minato-ku,
Tokyo, 105-0014, Japan
Personal Information Protection System Manager: Yasuhiko Terashita

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